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2022 IEEE Symposium on VLSI Technology & Circuits Media Kit

Welcome to the Media Center for the Symposium. The following press materials may be downloaded for news coverage of the 2022 IEEE Symposium on VLSI Technology & Circuits.


2022 IEEE Symposium on VLSI Technology & Circuits

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Selected images from the highlighted papers are presented in two formats:

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Session JFS4-2: “A 40nm Analog-Input ADC-Free Compute-in-Memory RRAM Macro with Pulse-Width Modulation Between Sub-arrays” – Georgia Institute of Technology

Session T1-3: “A 2-Layer Transistor Pixel Stacked CMOS Image Sensor with Oxide-Based Full Trench Isolation for Large Full Well Capacity and High Quantum Efficiency” – Sony

Session C22-1: “Fully Integrated Voltage Regulators with Package-Embedded Inductors for Heterogeneous 3D-TSV-Stacked System-in-Package with 22nm CMOS Active Silicon Interposer Featuring Self-Trimmed, Digitally Controlled ON-Time Discontinuous Conduction Mode (DCM) Operation” – Intel

Session C24-3: “Co-Optimization of SRAM Circuits with Sequential Access Patterns in a 7nm SoC Achieving 58% Memory Energy Reduction for AR Applications” – Meta

Session C15-1: “A 16GB 1024GB/s HBM3 DRAM with On-Die Error Control Scheme for Enhanced RAS Features” – Samsung

Session C5-2: “A Hybrid Indirect ToF Image Sensor for Long-Range 3D Depth Measurement Under High Ambient Light Conditions” – Toppan Inc.

Session C19-1: “An 8-bit 56GS/s 64x Time-Interleaved ADC with Bootstrapped Sampler and Class‑AB Buffer in 4nm CMOS” – IBM Research, Switzerland

Session JCS1-2: “Scalable 1.4μW cryo-CMOS SP4T Multiplexer Operating at 10mK for High-Fidelity Superconducting Qubit Measurements” – KU Leuven

Session C3-2: “A 72GS/s, 8-bit DAC-based Wireline Transmitter in 4nm FinFET CMOS for 200+Gb/s Serial Links” – IBM Research, USA

Session C2-1: “A 17-95.6 TOPS/W Deep Learning Inference Accelerator with Per-Vector Scaled 4-bit Quantization for Transformers in 5nm” – NVIDIA

Session C9-2: “1200×84-pixels 30fps 64cc Solid-State LiDAR RX with a HV/LV Transistors Hybrid Active-Quenching-SPAD Array and Background Digital PT Compensation” – Toshiba

Session C21-4: “A 3nm GAAFET Analog Assisted Digital LDO with High Current Density for Dynamic Voltage Scaling Mobile Applications” – Samsung

Session T1-4: “Reliable Sub-nanosecond MRAM with Double Spin-Torque Magnetic Tunnel Junctions” – IBM

Session C11-2: “A 39GHz CMOS Bi-Directional Doherty Phased-Array Beamformer Using Shared-LUT DPD with Inter-Element Mismatch Compensation Technique for 5G Base-Station” – Tokyo Institute of Technology

Session T4-1: “First Demonstration of Ge2Sb2Te5-Based Superlattice Phase Change Memory with Low Reset Current Density (~3 MA/cm2) and Low Resistance Drift (~0.002 at 105ºC)” – Stanford University

Session T1-2: “Scaled FinFETs Connected by Using Both Wafer Sides for Routing via Buried Power Rails” – imec

Session JFS4-1: “An 8-bit 20.7 TOPS/W Multi-Level Cell ReRAM-based Compute Engine” – University of Michigan

Session T15-4: “Low-capacitance Ultrathin InGaAs Membrane Photodetector on Si Slot Waveguide towards Receiver-less System” – The University of Tokyo

Session C25-1: “Experimental Demonstration of Novel Scheme of HZO/Si FeFET Reservoir Computing with Parallel Data Processing for Speech Recognition” – The University of Tokyo

Session T1-5: “Wafer-Scale Bi-Assisted Semi-Auto Dry Transfer and Fabrication of High-Performance Monolayer CVD WS2 Transistor” – TSMC 

Session C24-1: “Energy-Efficient High Bandwidth 6T SRAM Design on Intel 4 CMOS Technology” – Intel

Session T15-2: “First Monolithic Integration of Group IV Waveguide Photodetectors and Modulators on 300mm Si Substrates for 2μm Wavelength Optoelectronic Integrated Circuit” – University of Singapore 

Session T8-4: “A 0.6µm Small Pixel for High Resolution CMOS Image Sensor with Full Well Capacity of 10,000e- by Dual Vertical Transfer Gate Technology” – Samsung 

Session T2-3: “Vertical Channel-All-Around (CAA) IGZO FET less than 50nm CD with High Read Current of 32.8μA/μm (Vth + 1V), Well-Performed Thermal Stability up to 120°C for Low Latency, High-Density 2T0C 3D DRAM Application” – Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences & Huawei

Session T1-1: “Intel 4 CMOS Technology Featuring Advanced FinFET Transistors Optimized for High Density and High-Performance Computing” – Intel

Session C11-4: “An Ultra-Compact Bidirectional T/R Folded 25.8-39.2GHz Phased-Array Transceiver Front-End with Embedded TX Power Detection/Self-calibration Path Supporting 64/256/512QAM at 28/39GHz band for 5G in 65nm CMOS Technology” – Tsinghua University