Monday, June 13 |  8:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Joint Technology/Circuits Panel – Tapa 2


  • J. Wuu, AMD
  • P. Ye, Purdue University
  • P. Nadeau, Analog Devices
  • T. Nezuka, MIRISE Technologies Corp.
  • M. Tada, NanoBridge Semiconductor, Inc.

Supply…Unchained?  Will the Chip Shortage Continue? 

Moderator:       J. Macri, AMD

How did the semiconductor industry land in the current supply shortage?  What would it take to return to a healthy supply chain, or is the shortage here to stay?  This panel, moderated by Joe Macri from AMD, brings together industry experts representing view points from leading foundries/IDMs, OSATs, fabless designers, materials suppliers, and equipment makers for an exciting look into (and debate on) where the issues lie, and how the industry can come together to overcome the supply chain shortage.


Shawn (Seung Hoon) Han: Samsung, Corporate EVP
Chidi Chidambaram: Qualcomm

Thomas Piliszczuk: SOITEC, Executive Vice President of Global Business

Neil Fernandes: Lam Research, Vice President, Sales Operations

Ingu Yin Chang: ASE

Tuesday, June 14 |  8:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Technology Panel Session – Tapa 1


  • P. Ye, Purdue University
  • M. Tada, Nanobridge Semiconductor

What will it take to bring new material from lab to manufacturing?

Moderator: Robert Clark, Tokyo Electron

How can we make sure the thousands of newly explored materials in academic, government, and industry labs are relevant to manufacturing technologies?   What are the fundamental factors to convert a success story to a technology transfer? Is there anything to be learned from history? Robert Clark from TEL will moderate a panel of distinguished guests from across industry and academia to offer their valuable insights and thoughts, and share their experience on this important and interesting topic.


Michael Givens: ASM International, Sr. Director & Executive Technologist
Naoto Horiguchi: imec, Director CMOS device technology
Benjamin Jurcik: Air Liquide, CTO Electronics BL
Akira Nishiyama: Kioxia
Shinichi Takagi: Univ. of Tokyo
Kashyap Yellai: SRC

Tuesday, June 14 |  8:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Circuits Panel Session – Tapa 2


  • J. Wuu, AMD
  • A. Thomsen, Cirrus Logic
  • T. Nezuka, MIRISE Technologies Corp.

Building the 2030 Workforce:  How to attract great students and what to teach them?

Moderator:       B. Murmann, Stanford

With declining university enrollment in the semiconductor fields, and a shortage of skilled engineers across the industry, what can universities do to reverse the trend and ensure a robust workforce heading into 2030?  What should the students learn to best prepare them for the industry’s emerging needs?  Prof. Boris Murmann from Stanford University will moderate a panel of distinguished guests from across the industry and academia to offer their valuable insights and explore this important topic.


Jan Rabaey: imec
Youngcheol Chae: Yonsei
Vivienne Sze: MIT
Raja Koduri: Intel Corporation, Executive Vice President, Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics (AXG) BU
Edith Beigne: Meta, Director, Silicon Research
Lawrence Loh: MediaTek