Past Technology Paper Winners

Asir Khan

Paper:  First Demonstration of Ge2Sb2Te5-Based Superlattice Phase Change Memory with Low Reset Current Density (~3 MA/cm­2) and Low Resistance Drift (~0.002 at 105°C)

Authors:A. I. Khan,  C. Perez, X. Wu,  B. Won*,  K. Kim**, H. Kwon, P. Ramesh,  K. Neilson,  M. Asheghi, K. Saraswat,  Z. Lee**, I-K Oh*, H-S P. Wong,  K. Goodson, E. Pop

Affiliation:   Stanford University, *Ajou University, **Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology

Kaizhen Han

Paper: First Demonstration of Oxide Semiconductor Nanowire Transistors: a Novel Digital Etch Technique, IGZO Channel, Nanowire Width Down to ~20 nm, and Ion Exceeding 1300μA/μm

Authors: K. Han, Q. Kong, Y. Kang, C. Sun, C. Wang, J. Zhang, H. Xu, S.Samanta, J. Zhou, H. Wang, V.-Y. Thean and X. Gong

Affiliation: National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore

Recipient: Wriddhi Chakraborty

Paper: BEOL Compatible Dual-Gate Ultra Thin-Body W-Doped Indium-Oxide Transistor with Ion = 370 μA/um, SS = 73 mV/dec and Ion/Ioff ratio > 4x109

Authors: W. Chakarborty*, B. Grisafe*, H. Ye*, I. Lightcap*, K. Ni** and S. Datta*

Affiliation: *University of Notre Dame and **Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

Recipient: Stefano Bianchi

Paper: Energy-Efficient Continual Learning in Hybrid Supervised-Unsupervised Neural Networks with PCM Synapses

Authors: S. Bianchi*, I. Muñoz-Martin*, G. Pedretti*, O. Melnic*, S. Ambrogio** and D. Ielmini*

Affiliation: *Politecnico di Milano, Italy and **IBM Research, USA

Recipient: Naga Sruti Avasarala

Paper: Half-threshold bias Ioff reduction down to nA range of thermally and electrically stable high-performance integrated OTS selector, obtained by Se enrichment and N-doping of thin GeSe layers

Authors: N. Avasarala, G.L. Donadio, T. Witters, K. Opsomer, B. Govoreanu, A. Fantini, S. Clima, H. Oh, S. Kundu, W. Devulder, M.H. van der Veen, J. Van Houdt, M. Heyns, L. Goux and G. S. Kar

Affiliation: imec and KU Leuven, Belgium

Recipient: Dian Lei

Paper:The First GeSn FinFET on a Novel GeSnOI Substrate Achieving Lowest S of 79 mV/decade and Record High Gm,int of 807 μS/μm for GeSn P-FETs

Authors: Dian Lei1, Kwang Hong Lee2, Shuyu Bao2,3, Wei Wang1, Saeid Masudy-Panah1, Sachin Yadav1, Annie Kumar1, Yuan Dong1, Yuye Kang1, Shengqiang Xu1, Ying Wu1, Yi-Chiau Huang4, Hua Chung4, Schubert S. Chu4, Satheesh Kuppurao4, Chuan Seng Tan2,3, Xiao Gong1 and Yee-Chia Yeo1

Affiliation: 1National University of Singapore, 2Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, 3Nanyang Technological University, 4Applied Materials

Recipient: Lukas Czornomaz

Paper: First Demonstration of InGaAs/SiGe CMOS Inverters and Dense SRAM Arrays on Si Using Selective Epitaxy and Standard FEOL Processes

Authors: L. Czornomaz, V. Djara, V. Deshpande, E. O’Connor, M. Sousa, D. Caimi, K. Cheng*, J. Fompeyrine

Affiliation: IBM Research GmbH Zürich Laboratory, *IBM Research

Recipient: Cimang Lu

Paper:Design and Demonstration of Reliability-Aware Ge Gate Stacks with 0.5 nm EOT

Authors: Cimang Lu, Choong Hyun Lee, Tomonori Nishimura and Akira Toriumi

Affiliation:The University of Tokyo, JST-CREST

Recipient: Heng Wu

Paper: Ge CMOS: Breakthroughs of nFETs ( Imax= 714 mA/mm, gmax= 590 mS/mm) by Recessed Channel and S/D

Authors: Heng Wu, Mengwei Si, Lin Dong, Jingyun Zhang, Peide Ye

Affiliation: Purdue University

Recipient: ChoongHyun Lee

Paper: Enhancement of High-Ns Electron Mobility in Sub-nm EOT Ge n-MOSFETs

Authors: ChoongHyun Lee, Cimang Lu, Toshiyuki Tabata, Tomonori Nishimura, Kosuke Nagashio, and Akira Toriumi

Affiliation: The University of Tokyo

Recipient: Rui Zhang

Paper: High Mobility Ge pMOSFETs with 0.7 nm Ultrathin EOT using HfO2/Al2O3/GeOx/Ge Gate Stacks Fabricated by Plasma Post Oxidation

Authors: Rui Zhang, Po-Chin Huang, Noriyuki Taoka, Mitsuru Takenaka and Shinichi Takagi

Affiliation: The University of Tokyo

Recipient: Jiale Liang

Paper: A 1.4μA Reset Current Phase Change Memory Cell with Integrated Carbon Nanotube Electrodes for Cross-Point Memory Application

Authors: Jiale Liang, Rakesh Gnana David Jeyasingh, Hong-Yu Chen, and H. -S. Philip Wong

Affiliation: Stanford University

Recipient: Laurent Brunet

Paper: New Insight on VT stability of HK/MG stacks with scaling in 30nm FDSOI technology

Authors: Laurent. Brunet*+, X. Garros, M. Cassé, O. Weber, F. Andrieu, C. Fenouillet-Béranger, P. Perreau, F. Martin, M. Charbonnier, D. Lafond, C. Gaumer*, S. Lhostis*, V. Vidal, L. Brévard, L. Tosti, S. Denorme*, S. Barnola, J.F. Damlencourt, V. Loup, G. Reimbold, F. Boulanger, O. Faynot, A. Bravaix

Affiliation: 1CEA-LETI, * STMicroelectronics, +IM2NP

Recipient: Gregory Bidal

Paper: High velocity Si-nanodot: a candidate for SRAM applications at 16nm node and below

Authors: Gregory Bidal1,2, Frederic Boeuf1, Stephane Denorme1, Nicolas Loubet1, Jean Luc Huguenin1,2, Pierre Perreau3, Dominique Fleury1,2, François Leverd1, Sebastien Lagrasta1, Sebastien Barnola3, Thierry Salvetat3, Bastien Orlando1, Remi Beneyton1, Laurent Clement1, Roland Pantel1, Stephane Monfray1, Gerard Ghibaudo2 and Thomas Skotnicki1

Affiliation: 1STMicroelectronics, 2IMEP, Minatec INPG,3CEA-LETI/Minatec

Recipient: Nishant Patil and Albert Lin

Paper: Integrated Wafer-Scale Growth and Transfer of Directional Carbon Nanotubes and Misaligned-Carbon-Nanotube-Immune Logic Structures

Authors: Nishant Patil, Albert Lin, Edward R. Myers, H.-S. Philip Wong, and Subhasish Mitra
Affiliation: Stanford University

Recipient: Mohan V. Dunga

Paper: BSIM-MG: A Versatile Multi-Gate FET Model for Mixed-Signal Design

Authors: Mohan V. Dunga1, Chung-Hsun Lin1, Darsen D. Lu1, Weize Xiong2, C. R. Cleavelin2, P. Patruno3, Jiunn-Ren Hwang4, Fu-Liang Yang4, Ali M. Niknejad1 and Chenming Hu1

Affiliation: 1University of California, Berkeley, 2Texas Instruments Inc., 3SOITECH, 4Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)

Recipient: Hyunjin Lee

Paper: Sub-5nm All-Around Gate FinFET for Ultimate Scaling

Authors: Hyunjin Lee, Lee-Eun Yu, Seong-Wan Ryu, Jin-Woo Han, Kanghoon Jeon, Dong-Yoon Jang, Kuk-Hwan Kim, Jiye Lee, Ju-Hyun Kim, Sang Cheol Jeon*, Gi Seong Lee*, Jae Sub Oh*, Yun Chang Park*, Woo Ho Bae*, Hee Mok Lee*, Jun Mo Yang*, Jung Jae Yoo*, Sang Ik Kim* and Yang-Kyu Choi

Affiliation: Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, *Korean National Nanofab Center

Recipient: Chien-Tai Chan

Paper: Investigation of Post-NBTI Stress Recovery in pMOSFETs by Direct Measurement of Single Oxide Charge De-Trapping

Authors: Chien-Tai Chan, Huan-Chi Ma, Chun-Jung Tang and Tahui Wang

Affiliation: National Chiao-Tung University

Recipient: Sunjung Kim

Paper: Engineering of Voltage Nonlinearity in High-K MIM Capacitor for Analog/Mixed-Signal ICs

Authors: Sunjung Kim1, Byung Jin Cho1, Ming-Fu li1,2, Shi-Jin Ding1, Ming Bin Yu2, Chunxiang Zhu1, Albert Chin3, and Dim-Lee Kwong4

Affiliation: 1National University of Singapore, 2Institute of Microelectronics (IME), Singapore, 3National Chiao Tung University, 4University of Texas, Austin

Past Circuits Paper Winners

Seungjong Lee

Paper:  An 81.6dB SNDR 15.625MHz BW 3rd Order CT SDM with a True TI NS Quantizer

Authors: S. Lee, T. Kang, S. Song, K. Kwon, M. Flynn

Affiliation:        University of Michigan

Massimo Giordano

Paper: CHIMERA: A 0.92 TOPS, 2.2 TOPS/W Edge AI Accelerator with 2 MByte On-Chip Foundry Resistive RAM for Efficient Training and Inference

Authors: M. Giordano1,3, K. Prabhu1,3, K. Koul1,3, R. M. Radway1,3, A. Gural1,3, R. Doshi1,3, Z. F. Khan1, J. W. Kustin1, T. Liu1, G. B. Lopes1, V. Turbiner1, W.-S. Khwa2, Y.-D. Chih2, M.-F. Chang2, G. Lallement1,3, B. Murmann1, S. Mitra1 and P. Raina1

Affiliation:1Stanford University, CA, USA; 2TSMC, Hsinchu, Taiwan; 3Equal Contribution

Recipient: Efraïm Eland

Paper: A 440μW, 109.8dB DR, 106.5dB SNDR Discrete-Time Zoom ADC with a 20kHz BW

Authors: Efraïm Eland*, Shoubhik Karmakar*, Burak Gönen***, Robert van Veldhoven** and Kofi Makinwa*

Affiliation: *Delft University of Technology, **NXP Semiconductors and ***Ethernovia, the Netherlands

Recipient: Umidjon Nurmetov

Paper: A CMOS Temperature Stabilized 2-Dimensional Mechanical Stress Sensor with 11-bit Resolution

Authors: U. Nurmetov*, T. Fritz**, E. Muellner**, C. Dougherty**, F. Kreupl* and R. Brederlow**

Affiliation: *Technical Univ. of Munich and **Texas Instruments Freising, Germany

Recipient: Amr Suleiman

Paper: Navion: A Fully Integrated Energy-Efficient Visual-Inertial Odometry Accelerator for Autonomous Navigation of Nano Drones

Authors: Amr Suleiman, Zhengdong Zhang, Luca Carlone, Sertac Karaman and Vivienne Sze

Affiliation: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Recipient: Yeunhee Huh

Paper: A 10.1” 56-Channel, 183 uW/electrode, 0.73 mm2/sensor High SNR 3D Hover Sensor Based on Enhanced Signal Refining and Fine Error Calibrating Techniques

Authors: Yeunhee Huh1, Sung-Wan Hong2, Sang-Hui Park1, Jun-Suk Bang1, Changbyung Park2 Sungsoo Park2, Hui-Dong Gwon1, Se-Un Shin1, Hongsuk Shin1, Sung-Won Choi1, Yong-Min Ju1, Ji-Hun Lee1, Gyu-Hyeong Cho1

Affiliation: 1KAIST, 2Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Recipient: Bahman Yousefzadeh

Paper: A BJT-based Temperature-to-Digital Converter With ±60 mK (3 σ) Inaccuracy From −55 °C to +125 °C in 0.16-μm CMOS

Authors: Bahman Yousefzadeh, Saleh Heidary Shalmany, Kofi A. A. Makinwa

Affiliation: Delft University of Technology

Recipient: Abishek Manian

Paper: A 40-Gb/s 9.2-mW CMOS Equalizer

Authors: A. Manian and B. Razavi

Affiliation: University of California, Los Angeles

Recipient: Maryam Tabesh

Paper: A Power-Harvesting Pad-Less mm-Sized 24/60GHz Passive Radio with On-Chip Antennas

Authors: Maryam Tabesh, Mustafa Rangwala*, Ali M. Niknejad and Amin Arbabian*

Affiliation: University of California, Berkeley and *Stanford University

Recipient: Yingzhe Hu

Paper: A Fully Self-Powered Hybrid System Based on CMOS ICs and Large-Area Electronics for Large-Scale Strain Monitoring

Authors:Yingzhe Hu, Liechao Huang, Josue Sanz Robinson, Warren Rieutort-Louis, Sigurd Wanger, James C. Sturm, Naveen Verma

Affiliation: Princeton University, USA

Recipient: Jun Won Jung

Paper: A 25-Gb/s 5-mW CMOS CDR/Deserializer

Authors: Jun Won Jung and Behzad Razavi

Affiliation: University of California, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Recipient: Chintan Thakkar

Paper: A 10Gb/s 45mW Adaptive 60GHz Baseband in 65nm CMOS

Authors: Chintan Thakkar1, Lingkai Kong1, Kwangmo Jung1, Antoine Frappé2, and Elad Alon1

Affiliation: 1University of California, Berkeley, USA & 2Institut Supérieur de l’Electronique et du Numérique, France

Recipient: Dajiang Zhou

Paper: A 530Mpixels/s 4096×2160@60fps H.264/AVC High Profile Video Decoder Chip

Authors: Dajiang Zhou1, Jinjia Zhou1, Xun He1, Ji Kong2, Jiayi Zhu2, Peilin Liu2, and Satoshi Goto1

Affiliation: 1Waseda University, Japan & 2Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Recipient: Zhengya Zhang

Paper: A 47 Gb/s LDPC Decoder with Improved Low Error Rate Performance

Authors: Zhengya Zhang, Venkat Anantharam, Martin J. Wainwright, Borivoje Nikolic

Affiliation: University of California, Berkeley, USA

Recipient: Jason Hu

Paper: A 9.4-bit, 50-MS/s, 1.44-mW Pipelined ADC using Dynamic Residue Amplification

Authors: Jason Hu, Noam Dolev and Boris Murmann

Affiliation: Stanford University, USA

Recipient: Minjae Lee

Paper: A 9b, 1.25ps Resolution Coarse-Fine Time-to- Digital Converter in 90nm CMOS that Amplifies a Time Residue

Authors: Minjae Lee and Asad A. Abidi

Affiliation: University of California, Los Angeles, USA

Recipient: Koon-Lun Jackie Wong

Paper: A 5-mW 6-Gb/s Quarter-Rate Sampling receiver with a 2-Tap DFE Using Soft Decisions

Authors: Koon-Lun Jackie Wong1, Alexander Rylyakov2, and Chih-Kong Ken Yang1

Affiliation: 1University of California, Los Angeles, USA &2IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, USA

Recipient: Antonio Liscidini

Paper: A 0.13 um CMOS Front-End for DCS1800/UMTS/ 802.11b-g with Multi-band Positive Feedback Low Noise Amplifier

Authors: Antonio Liscidini, Massimo Brandolini, Davide Sanzogni, and Rinaldo Castello

Affiliation: University of Pavia, Italy

Recipient: Timothy O. Dickson

Paper: A 2.5-V, 40-Gb/s Decision Circuit Using SiGe BiCMOS Logic

Authors: Timothy O. Dickson1, Rudy Beerkens2, and Sorin P. Voinigescu1

Affiliation: 1University of Toronto, Canada &2STMicroelectonics, Canada