Massimo Giordano

Paper: CHIMERA: A 0.92 TOPS, 2.2 TOPS/W Edge AI Accelerator with 2 MByte On-Chip Foundry Resistive RAM for Efficient Training and Inference

Authors: M. Giordano1,3, K. Prabhu1,3, K. Koul1,3, R. M. Radway1,3, A. Gural1,3, R. Doshi1,3, Z. F. Khan1, J. W. Kustin1, T. Liu1, G. B. Lopes1, V. Turbiner1, W.-S. Khwa2, Y.-D. Chih2, M.-F. Chang2, G. Lallement1,3, B. Murmann1, S. Mitra1 and P. Raina1

Affiliation:1Stanford University, CA, USA; 2TSMC, Hsinchu, Taiwan; 3Equal Contribution