Chihiro Matsui and Petar Jokic

Recipient: Chihiro Matsui
Paper: Energy-Efficient Reliable HZO FeFET Computation-in-Memory with Local Multiply & Global Accumulate Array for Source-Follower & Charge-Sharing Voltage Sensing
Authors: C. Matsui, K. Toprasertpong, S. Takagi and K. Takeuchi
Affiliation: The Univ. of Tokyo, Japan

Recipient: Petar Jokic
Paper: A Sub-mW Dual-Engine ML Inference System-on-Chip for Complete End-to-End Face-Analysis at the Edge
Authors: P. Jokic* **, E. Azarkhish*, R. Cattenoz*, E. Türetken*, L. Benini** and S. Emery*
Affiliation: *CSEM and **ETH Zürich, Switzerland