Alex Carsello & Zuopu Zhou

Recipient: Alex Carsello
Paper: C8-2: Amber: A 367 GOPS, 538 GOPS/W 16nm SoC with a Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Array for Flexible Acceleration of Dense Linear Algebra
Authors: A. Carsello; K. Feng; T. Kong; K. Koul;
Q. Liu; J. Melchert; G. Nyengele; M. Strange;
K. Zhang; A. Nayak; J. Setter; J. Thomas;
K. Sreedhar; P-H Chen; N. Bhagdikar;
Z. Myers; B. D’Agostino; P. Joshi; S. Richardson; R. Bahr; C. Torng; M. Horowitz; P. Raina
Affiliation: Stanford University

Recipient: Zuopu  Zhou
Paper: T9-2: Experimental Demonstration of An Inversion-Type Ferroelectric
Capacitive Memory and its 1 kbit Crossbar Array
Featuring High CHCS/CLCS, Fast Speed, and Long Retention
Authors: Z. Zhou; L. Jiao; J. Zhou; Z. Zheng; Y. Chen; K. Han; Y. Kang; X. Gong
Affiliation: National University of Singapore