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Luncheon & Executive Panel Discussion

Emerging Semiconductor Industry Trends and Implications
Date:       Thursday 6/12, 12:15 pm

Moderator:    G. Dan Hutcheson, CEO and Chairman of VLSI Research Inc and author of The Chip Insider®

Scott DeBoer, Micron,  Venu Menon, Texas Instruments,  Om Nalamasu, AMAT,  Gary Patton, IBM,  Yoshifumi Okamoto, Panasonic,  Jack Sun, TSMC

Looking past traditional scaling that has driven semiconductor industry over the last few decades,  we see a new paradigm unfolding around us. Emerging trends and applications information technology are fueling unprecedented demands on information ubiquity – user-friendly, mobile anywhere, any time. This has opened up the need for a new class of systems – both mobile and fixed – which are in turn driving the need for a new class of device technologies, circuits and designs. The impact of this paradigm shift on semiconductor industry professionals and researchers in the academic community is profound. For example, if wearable computing or IoT become increasingly larger segments of application space – what technology/system/ manufacturing/economic implications does this have? Will we need to push harder on new materials and low power technologies? Will we need to think of new ways to integrate dissimilar components (wireless, NVM, RF/Analog/digital, MEMS, batteries etc) or traditional SOC/SIP suffice? The panel will deliberate on this topic and discuss trends, applications that are shaping around us, industry needs, infrastructural/manufacturing gaps and economic challenges.