Best Demo Paper Award Winners

Chihiro Okada

Recipient: Chihiro Okada
Paper: 216 fps 672 × 512 pixel 3 µm Indirect Time-of-Flight Image Sensor with 1-Frame Depth Acquisition for Motion Artifact Suppression
Authors: Chihiro Okada*, Sozo Yokogawa*, Yuhi Yorikado*, Katsumi Honda*, Naoki Okuno*, Ryohei Ikeno*, Makoto Yamakoshi*, Hiroshi Ito*, Shohei Yoshitsune**, Masatsugu Desaki**, Shota Hida**, Atsushi Nose*, Hayato Wakabayashi*, Fumihiko Koga*
Affiliation: *Sony Semiconductor Solutions, Japan, **Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing, Japan

Kaizhen Han

Recipient: Kaizhen Han
Paper: A Novel Bridge Transmission Line Method for Thin-Film Semiconductors: Modelling, Simulation Verification, and Experimental Demonstration
Authors: Kaizhen Han, Yuye Kang, Yue Chen, and Xiao Gong
Affiliation: *National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore

Recipient: Alex Carsello
Paper: C8-2: Amber: A 367 GOPS, 538 GOPS/W 16nm SoC with a Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Array for Flexible Acceleration of Dense Linear Algebra
Authors: A. Carsello; K. Feng; T. Kong; K. Koul;
Q. Liu; J. Melchert; G. Nyengele; M. Strange;
K. Zhang; A. Nayak; J. Setter; J. Thomas;
K. Sreedhar; P-H Chen; N. Bhagdikar;
Z. Myers; B. D'Agostino; P. Joshi; S. Richardson; R. Bahr; C. Torng; M. Horowitz; P. Raina
Affiliation: Stanford University

Recipient: Zuopu  Zhou
Paper: T9-2: Experimental Demonstration of An Inversion-Type Ferroelectric
Capacitive Memory and its 1 kbit Crossbar Array
Featuring High CHCS/CLCS, Fast Speed, and Long Retention
Authors: Z. Zhou; L. Jiao; J. Zhou; Z. Zheng; Y. Chen; K. Han; Y. Kang; X. Gong
Affiliation: National University of Singapore

Recipient: Chihiro Matsui
Paper: Energy-Efficient Reliable HZO FeFET Computation-in-Memory with Local Multiply & Global Accumulate Array for Source-Follower & Charge-Sharing Voltage Sensing
Authors: C. Matsui, K. Toprasertpong, S. Takagi and K. Takeuchi
Affiliation: The Univ. of Tokyo, Japan

Recipient: Petar Jokic
Paper: A Sub-mW Dual-Engine ML Inference System-on-Chip for Complete End-to-End Face-Analysis at the Edge
Authors: P. Jokic* **, E. Azarkhish*, R. Cattenoz*, E. Türetken*, L. Benini** and S. Emery*
Affiliation: *CSEM and **ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Recipient: Yuri Kato
Paper: Paper: High Density and Large Scale MEA System Featuring 236,880 Electrodes at 11.72 μ m Pitch for Neuronal Network Analysis
Authors: Yuri Kato
Affiliation: Sony Semiconductor Solutions

Recipient: Takahisa Tanaka
Paper: Low-Power and ppm-Level Detection of Gas Molecules by Integrated Metal Nanosheets
Authors: T. Tanaka*, K. Tabuchi*, K. Tatehora*, Y. Shiiki*, S. Nakagawa*, T. Takahashi**,R. Shimizu*, H. Ishikuro*, T. Kuroda*, T. Yanagida** and K. Uchida*,***
Affiliation: *Keio Univ., **Kyushu Univ. and ***The Univ. of Tokyo, Japan

Recipient: Feng Xuewei
Paper: First Demonstration of A Fully-Printed MoS2 RRAM on Flexible Substrate with Ultra-Low Switching Voltage and Its Application as Electronic Synapse
Authors: X. Feng*, Y. Li*, L. Wang*, Z. G. Yu**, S. Chen**, W.-C. Tan*, N. Macadam***, G. Hu***, X. Gong*, T. Hasan***, Y.-W. Zhang**, A. V.-Y. Thean* and K.-W. Ang*
Affiliation: *National Univ. of Singapore, **Institute of High Performance Computing, Singapore and ***Univ. of Cambridge, UK

Recipient: Hirofumi Sumi
Paper: Next-generation Fundus Camera with Full Color Image Acquisition in 0-lx Visible Light by 1.12-micron Square Pixel, 4K, 30-fps BSI CMOS Image Sensor with Advanced NIR Multi-spectral Imaging System
Authors: Hirofumi Sumi 1,2, Hironari Takehara2, Shunsuke Miyazaki2, Daiki Shirahige2, Kiyotaka Sasagawa2, Takashi Tokuda2, Yoshihiro Watanabe1, Norimasa Kishi1, Jun Ohta2 and Masatoshi Ishikawa1
Affiliation: The University of Tokyo1, Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) 2

Recipient: Irving Hsu
Paper: Towards a Fully Integrated, Wirelessly Powered, and Ordinarily Equipped On-lens System for Successive Dry Eye Syndrome Diagnosis
Authors:  Irving Hsu
Affiliation: National Chiao Tung University

Recipient: Yuichi Kato
Paper: 320×240 back-illuminated 10μm CAPD pixels for high speed modulation Time-of-Flight CMOS image sensor
Authors:  Yuichi Kato
Affiliation:  Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corp.