Requirements for 2023 Best Student Paper Award

Requirements for 2023 Best Student Paper Award
The Symposium on VLSI Technology and Circuits recognizes outstanding student papers with a Best Student Paper Award. The awards were established in 2004 to promote student research and support the development of future leaders in the fields of VLSI Technology and Circuits.

Criteria of Selection
Award recipients are selected based on;
 - the quality of their written papers
 - the quality of their presentations at the Symposium

Benefits for the Award Recipients
 - Award recipients receive a monetary prize and certificate, presented at the opening session of the Symposium held in the following year
 - Award recipients' travel expenses and registration fees for the Symposium held in the following year are covered by the Symposium

Requirements for the Candidates
Candidates for the awards;
- must be enrolled as full-time students at the time of paper submission
- must be the leading author and the presenter of their papers
- must indicate at submission that their papers should be considered for the award

Application Form
In order to validate the requirements, student authors need to complete the application form including professor/supervisor signature, and upload it as a scanned pdf file at the paper submission.
If the work described in the paper has been done in part or in its entirety at an industrial site or research institute, both the professor and the supervisor at the industrial/research institute need to sign this application form.