2000 VLSI Circuits Short Course Program

Tapa III

Circuit Design for Wireline and Optical Fiber Communications


Wednesday, June 14, 8:00 a.m.

Chairperson: Behzad Razavi, University of California


8:00 am Introduction


8:05 am Analog Front End Design for ADSL

Richard Hester, Texas Instruments


9:00 am ADSL Circuit Design

Bernhard Zojer, Infineon


10:00 am Break


10:15 am Overview of Gigabit Ethernet Over Twisted Pair

Sailesh Rao, Level One


11:15 am Gigabit Ethernet Implementation Issues

Kamran Azadet, Lucent Technologies


12:15 pm Lunch


1:15 pm Overview of Optical Communication Standards

Noboru Ishihara, NTT


2:15 pm Broadband Circuits for Optical Communications

Edi Sackinger, Lucent Technologies


3:15 pm Break


3:30 pm Overview of Clock Recovery Techniques

Behzad Razavi, University of California


4:30 pm Clock Recovery Circuits for SONET

Yuriy Greshishchev, Nortel Networks


5:50 pm Conclusion



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