The 2000 Symposium on VLSI Technology and VLSI Circuits

June 13 - 17, 2000

Dear Author(s):

Welcome to the 2000 Symposia on VLSI Technology and VLSI Circuits. We appreciate your interest in submitting a paper to the Symposia. Enclosed in this Paper Preparation Kit you will find all the necessary information and forms for the preparation of your submitted paper. The accepted papers will be printed in the Digest of Technical Papers as received, without opportunity for further changes.

For the Technology Symposium, papers submitted on:

For the Circuits Symposium, papers submitted on:

The emphasis will be on circuit design. Papers will be considered on the basis of originality and quality. Though the circuits need not necessarily be implemented in a semiconductor chip, measured results, particularly for analog submissions, are desirable. There will be several invited papers on emerging VLSI circuit technologies.

In order to ensure that your paper receives a complete review, it is imperative that you follow all the instructions and submit all the required documentation. Enclosed to assist you are:

  1. GENERAL GUIDELINES for the Technology and Circuits and Symposia that address the deadlines and required documentation
  2. AUTHOR'S GUIDE ( PostScript File, Latex Template File , MSWord7.0 File ) that provides a detailed description of camera-ready paper preparation
  3. SAMPLE ABSTRACT ( PostScript File, MSWord7.0 File ) as an illustration of a correctly prepared abstract
  4. COPYRIGHT TRANSFER FORM for Technology ( PostScript File , MSWord7.0 File ) or Circuits ( PostScript File, MSWord7.0 File ), giving the conference permission to print the paper if accepted

The deadline for RECEIPT of camera-ready papers is January 7, 2000. Your cover letter, camera-ready paper (plus 50 copies), 75 word abstract (plus 5 copies), and copyright transfer form MUST ARRIVE at the Conference Office by that date. We are sorry but due to review deadlines, papers received after that date will not be accepted for review.

If accepted for presentation:

The Technical Program Committee will review all submitted papers and authors will receive notification of the Committee's decision around February 28, 2000.

We thank you for your interest in the Symposia on VLSI Technology and VLSI Circuits. If at any time a question exists, don't hesitate to contact the Conference Office at + 1 301 527 0900 ext. 103 (USA) or + 81 3 5814 5800 (Japan).

Symposium on VLSI Technology
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Program Chairman
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Program Co-Chairman
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Symposium on VLSI Circuits
David Scott
Program Chairman
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Masakazu Yamashina
Program Co-Chairman
Tel: +81 42 771 0746
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