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Luncheon Talk

DASSAI: Innovating Sake Brewing with Massive Usage of Data and IT
Date: Thursday June 18, 12:45-14:05

Organizers: S. Inaba, Toshiba Electronics Korea Corporation
M. Motomura, Hokkaido University

Speaker: Kazuhiro Sakurai, Asahi Shuzo Co., Ltd.

It has been believed that Sake, a Japanese traditional rice wine, can only be brewed by people called TOJI, the Sake specialists experienced for more than several 10s of years. To the contrary, DASSAI, award winning Sake famous for its fruity flavor and smooth taste, does not rely on TOJI at all: It is brewed using a really scientific approach based on data measurement and analytics, during the whole process of brewing (polishing, washing, steaming, fermenting, etc.), as well as for controlling the quality of the ingredients (rice, water and koji). Asahishuzou, the DASSAI brewer, is now encompassing cloud-based rice farming for shipping DASSAI at even better quality with larger quantity. We can learn a lot from their story on their Sake innovation, such as what was a key for making a small business in a small village into world famous one, etc. During this luncheon, you can also taste, a little bit, how good DASSAI really is.